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Making Safeguarding Count; A Briefing Paper (March 2018)

Posted by The Board. Tue 10 Jul 2018

On 27 March NISB held a summit on Making Safeguarding Count. The aim was to identify and consider information sources which will allow Regional and National boards to reach stronger conclusions about the impact of safeguarding. We were delighted with the breadth and depth of the discussion and the commitment of those who attended to – Read more..

Findings from a thematic analysis of reviews into adult deaths in Wales

Posted by The Board. Fri 4 May 2018

What Has Safeguarding And Sport Got To Do With Me?

Posted by The Board. Thu 4 Jan 2018

In early 2017, the National Independent Safeguarding Board decided to begin Safeguarding Week in Wales with a focus on Sport. This is because, even this year, all sporting activities have had to consider topics which are familiar to safeguarding practitioners, such as: – the poor handling of allegations of harm, most particularly sexual assault; – – Read more..

Annual Report 2016 – 17

Posted by The Board. Wed 20 Dec 2017

Safeguarding Leadership Across Wales

Posted by The Board. Fri 8 Dec 2017

Home Education of Children Report

Posted by The Board. Thu 23 Nov 2017

The death of Dylan Seabridge raised questions about whether existing safeguarding mechanisms are sufficient for children who are home educated. In February 2017 the National Independent Safeguarding Board (NISB) commissioned Cascade, Children’s Social Care Research and Development Centre, at Cardiff University to explore the possible risks in relation to safeguarding, health and well-being of children – Read more..

Annual Report 2015 – 16

Posted by The Board. Wed 10 May 2017