Celebrating safeguarding in Wales

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Celebration and safeguarding are two words that are not often seen in the same sentence. As individuals and organisations focus on protecting people who are experiencing abuse, and the media highlights past and present failings, it is easy to forget that “safeguarding” is a positive word. Every day people’s lives are being changed for the better by individuals and groups of people working together to create safe environments and to respond effectively to people experiencing abuse or neglect.

These may be professionals such as social workers, teachers, police officers or nurses who are involved in safeguarding on a daily basis. They may be staff and volunteers who are alert to safeguarding issues and create safe environments in sporting clubs and other voluntary groups. Or they may be members of local communities who come together to safeguard their friends and neighbours.

This year, for the first time, we at the National Independent Safeguarding Board have come together with Social Care Wales to sponsor a new category in the Social Care Accolades. The Effective approaches to Safeguarding award will be open to teams, groups and organisations who can;

  • evidence how the voices of victims of abuse have helped improve practice
  • demonstrate how multi-professional learning and development has improved safeguarding skills
  • give examples of new services, which have prevented or reduced harm, or given better support to individuals who have been harmed.

The Social Care Accolades take place every two years and have a high national profile in Wales. They are a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the dedication, expertise and innovation that happens all across Wales. The next awards will be held on 13th September 2018 and information will be coming out shortly from Social Care Wales about how to apply.

So get thinking about great examples of safeguarding practice that you want to share with the rest of Wales and look out for further information soon!