Making Safeguarding Count; A Briefing Paper (March 2018)

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On 27 March NISB held a summit on Making Safeguarding Count. The aim was to identify and consider information sources which will allow Regional and National boards to reach stronger conclusions about the impact of safeguarding.

We were delighted with the breadth and depth of the discussion and the commitment of those who attended to grapple with this perennial issue. Attached are the notes from the session, these are presented in full and are unattributable as agreed at the meeting. I particularly want to draw attention to the  final page which contains the ideas for action developed during the session.

The intention  of the Summit was to provide a setting for these important discussions to take place- it was  not a decision-making forum and whilst we as NISB continue to push for improved measures and outcomes we are not seeking to advance particular actions from this list. Rather we offer them as the combined wisdom from the day and hope they will provoke discussion. We would be keen to receive any feedback.


2018 04 20 MAKING SAFEGUARDING COUNT - note of summit - Google Docs