Annual Report 2018-19

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The 2018-2019 Annual Report of the National Independent Safeguarding Board covers a period of transition.  The inaugural National Board was operational from April 2016 until February 2019, and the new appointments to the National Board began work in May 2019.

Reporting on the adequacy and effectiveness of arrangements to safeguard children and adults in Wales during 2018-2019 has, as in previous years, focussed entirely on the work of the Regional Safeguarding Boards.  In future years the National Board intends to take a broader view of what constitutes ‘arrangements’ to include all those bodies and agencies who have responsibilities and duties in relation to safeguarding.

The NISB has made four recommendations to Welsh Ministers on how safeguarding arrangements could be improved.  These are in relation to Safeguarding Adults at Risk, developing reporting arrangements that move the focus from activity to performance and how we improve the learning at a national level from safeguarding reviews.


NISB Annual Report 2018-19

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